Fact Check Policy

Fact Check Policy: At SatyaNews, we are dedicated to providing you with the most accurate information in everything we share. We work hard to ensure our information is correct. We question things, challenge what we think we know and fact check.

Accuracy is a big thing for us. This is important to our reputation and your trust. When we say “adequate accuracy”, we mean that the information should be good enough and match the content.

This means we will use good sources and evidence for what we say. We won’t make things up or guess. If we’re not sure about something, we’ll be honest and not just make things up.

Our journalists will not intentionally copy from others or twist facts in the case of pictures and videos.

When we share information, we make sure it is true. We double check content, especially when public figures or people with their own ideas say something. If we’re not sure, we’ll tell you.

Our journalists focus on finding and verifying facts. Editors review their work, and for some stories, many people check it to make sure it’s correct. The more important the story, the more people check it out.

If incorrect information is provided:

We try hard to get things right, but we know we can make mistakes, but if we do, we’ll fix it and tell you about it.

Here’s how we all work together to make sure things are accurate and clear:

For readers:
If you find any mistake, contact us by email or use the contact us page on the website, you can email our editor-in-chief at [ satyanewsmarathi@gmail.com ] and use “Correction Required/Needed” in the subject line. We will only accept corrections sent directly to them, so it is important that you contact them.
In your email or letter, let us know what’s wrong, where you saw it, the date, your name and how to reach you. It is also helpful if you have the right information and where you can find it.
You’ll hear from our editor-in-chief. She may want more information or clarify things. But remember, let us know we will check but, we don’t guarantee to change it.
For Satya News:
If in our publication, we find a mistake, our editor-in-chief will find it. They will use your information, meeting notes, recordings and anything else.
If we find an error, we will correct it wherever it was wrong:
On our website, we will correct the article and add a note at the bottom to say what went wrong and when we fixed it.
On social media, if we share it, we will post a link to the corrected article and mention the correction.
We will contact you to let you know what we have done to correct the error.