About Us

Satyanews.in is created by a handful of journalists and bloggers who have achieved it with a lot of hard work, love and dedication. The main objective of satyanews.in is to bring real information to the readers. Satynews is committed to bring you true and accurate news covering all parties.

Story of Satya News:

During the planning of Satynews news portal, all the owners and authors decided to create a news portal that would be different from other news media and would be read by the readers with great interest.

The main objective of SatyaNews is to deliver genuine information to its readers and to provide its users with information that helps them in their daily lives and to create content that entertains and fulfills the user’s desire for knowledge.

Satya News Team :

Pavan Ratan Chavan :

Pavan Ratan Chavan is the Founder and Head of Content Strategy at Satyanews.in. Many of his blogs are successful. But they thought that when the mainstream media doesn’t see what it wants to see, who doesn’t listen to what it wants, out of greed or fear, who will stand up for the truth? Someone should come forward. The process has to start somewhere. So that the people of Maharashtra can take the right decision.

Ashwini Jadhav :

Ashwini Jadhav has been associated with media for the past 3 years and has been contributing to Satyanews.in as Manager. Interest in crime and business continues writing for Business category of Satyanews. The readers of Satyanews.in like his writing and it is getting a lot of response. Starting from a small institute, Ashwini Jadhav has been associated with newspapers/media since 2019-20 of her career.

Bhagyashree Chavan :

Bhagyashree Chavan is a successful Youtuber. The very learned Bhagyashree Chavan will be providing information on different lifestyles in Satyanews.in, and her articles are very popular on different topics, based on her own experience and knowledge gained from reading and also going very deep and full of information, Chavan works here, so that the readers Lots of knowledge and information in simple language.

Jagdish Jadhav :

Jagdish Jadhav is an automobile content writer dedicated to keeping you informed about the latest automobile news and latest automobile developments. Strives to deliver the automobile information socially ethically and creatively. Jagdish Jadhav continues to write for Satyanews.in’s automobile category. He is of the opinion that Automobile is very important for people to live and also to know about it.